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Planning is everything ...
...but plans are nothing

Its all very well having the best plans, but the only real measure of success are those you translate into reality.  The statistics on this however aren’t good, with up to 80% of all strategic initiatives failing to realise the benefits anticipated.  The good news is Ignetica can help.  Using our Action-Strategy approach we are able to help ensure our clients are in the successful 20% who deliver their strategy and realise the planned benefits.

Ignetica focus not only the development of strategy, but equality its translation into reality. We work with you to deliver specific programmes, optimise your organisation’s (strategic & operational) capability to execute your strategy and actively manage your strategy over time.  We also provide a range of ongoing marketing, operations and management services, providing you with the specific expertise at the time you need it.  

Ignetica can help;

Bringing Strategy to Life: Taking strategy off the page and giving it life with within your organisation.  

Business Planning: Design and facilitation of iterative planning process to simultaneously engage the collective knowledge, skill and minds of your personnel, and ensure management ownership for delivery.

Strategy Management: Design, support and delivery of a Strategy governance regime, to ensure clear management of the business plans designed to realise the strategy, and to enable your strategy to remain alive to the changing environment.

Change Management: Managing organisational change programme, and developing your organisations change capability.

Programme Management: Delivering specific programmes on time, to budget and specification.  

Interim Management: Providing the management skill you need at the time you need it.

Our services are flexibly developed for each client engagement, ranging from part-time specialist support, through to long term involvement of a full management team.   In many organisations the difference between strategic intent and strategic action is management time, and availability of skill at the right time.  These services ensure that the right expertise is there, in the volume and at the time you need it, enabling the delivery of your strategy and the realisation of lasting shareholder value.
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