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Why Chose Ignetica?

Ignetica provides new perspectives on strategy and business effectiveness.  We help clients diagnose their current situation, develop and implement innovative strategy with optimal market engagement and game-changing business operation models.  We help clients develop highly effective, engaging and empowered organisations, making the most of the talent within them, and we provide a range of support services to complement your in house capability.   In short we optimise your business’ performance, strategically, operationally and organisationally, driving bottom line performance and lasting shareholder value.  Our exiting clients and we believe this provides a compelling proposition, with an excellent return on investment.  Additionally we would highlight the following factors in our service.

Proven: All senior Ignetica personnel are proven executive managers, who have moved into consultancy only after very successful careers in senior (typically director level) line management roles.  We have a track record of high client satisfaction, based on our focused approach, flexible delivery model and crucially our ability to deliver results.
Focused. We are specialists in our field brining clear insight and expertise, but in every assignment we are absolutely focused on you our client, and in particular ensuring the realisation of clear and sustainable value from the work we do.
Flexible.  Our approach is highly flexible, based on your needs and the nature of each assignment.  This enables us to be extremely effective in delivering exactly what is required in each situation, rather than seeking to tailor standards solutions to different client needs.
Costs Effective. Despite the high calibre of personnel deployed, we are extremely cost effective.  We have a very low overhead structure, and our flexible resourcing model means we resource each assignment with the best people, but in a highly cost effective manner.  The net effect is our fees are extremely cost effective, ensuring an even higher payback on your investment.
Delivery. We deliver results – we also deliver each assignment in accordance with a clear engagement plan, developed and agreed with you our client.  This describes the stages, objectives, activities, resources and deliverables for each stage of the programme providing shared and absolute clarity.  Behind this high level plan we build detailed programme plans as needed, and provide on going progress reporting.
Integrity. We fully recognise that the services we provide in strategy, marketing and organisational effectiveness are at the core of our clients business and as such is highly sensitive.  We maintain absolute confidentiality for our client and bring high integrity to each assignment.
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